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Klosebuy partners with marketing professionals across the country to offer fully managed accounts at an affordable price.

Have an expert manage your klosebuy marketing campaigns and customer loyalty program. Gain access to exclusive features that include data analytics, customer acquisition & engagement tools, and much more - only available with a professionally managed account.

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pro subscription
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pro subscription cost You can subscribe today with no contract or commitment– get access to all the features of Klosebuy with no risk. $0.00 for 30 days $99.95/month
after free trial ends
$0.00 for 30 days $899.55/year
after free trial ends
search listing Your business will be visible through local and keyword search on both mobile and web consumer platforms
unlimited digital promotions Our easy-to-use back office steps you through the process and gives you the tools to customize professional advertisements in minutes. Change them as often as you wish. up to 3 active at one time up to 3 active at one time
optional account upgrades Need more active promos, certificates, or marketing materials? You can find them easily in your “upgrades” page.
Additional Active Promos
You can upgrade as needed and have up to 27 promos active at any one time.
Klosebuy Point Certificates
Purchase professionally printed certificates with your business name, and use them for rewards or with advertisements.
Klosebuy Poster & Decal
Purchase display posters and window decals so your customers will easily recognize you as a Klosebuy business.
25% discount
push notificationsCommunicate directly with your customers through klosebuy's mobile app using push notifications. Schedule your message, event announcement or advertisement, and deliver it directly to your customers' mobile devices. 2 per month 2 per month
customer database Klosebuy builds your database of customers in real time so you can better understand the real data behind your customer demographics.
loyalty program You can choose to take advantage of our robust, full featured loyalty program. Use loyalty points and certificates to reward your customers' loyalty, encourage return visits, and incentivize first-time visits through your digital promotions. includes unlimited loyalty points
loyalty redemption rewards Easily create unique loyalty rewards to let customers use the points they received from your business for discounts, offers, and specials. up to 3 active at one time up to 3 active at one time
reports & analytics See who your customers are and what offers are inspiring them. Know instantly how your advertisements are performing, and change them as often as you wish.
emails Klosebuy creates custom emails featuring your digital advertisements and delivers them to your customers. Our automated system does the work for you.
web & social media Let your customers launch you into social media! Track how many times your business and digital advertisements are shared by customers on social media. Link your business website and social media pages to klosebuy for more exposure.
resource library Find tips, articles and information on improving, promoting, and driving traffic to your business. Benefit from the experience of others with ideas, thoughts and concepts, all designed to help you improve your business.
marketing materials Marketing materials are available to ensure a successful start to your program, and communicate that you are a klosebuy business. Hand out your points certificates, and when your customers enter the code, they are automatically added to your database.

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