klosebuy frequently asked questions

What is klosebuy?

Klosebuy is a marketing, loyalty, and revenue-building platform created for local businesses that is affordable, self-administered, web and mobile-based.

An easy to use, self-managed, technology rich platform for businesses that increases sales, store visits and attracts new customers. Klosebuy provides to businesses the ability to digitally and instantly upload, change and broadcast offers, deals, specials, and event information directly to their customers and klosebuy members. Klosebuy includes an incentive and loyalty points program that creates traction and immediate gratification for consumers. Customers can spend their loyalty points on merchant created loyalty rewards offers, and use their klosebuy bonus points to enter sweepstakes to win prizes from klosebuy. Additionally, klosebuy includes a customer database and a “connections” center that provides for push notifications and emails to customers.

Do I need any software or equipment for klosebuy?

Absolutely not! Why would you want to spend more money or make permanent changes if you don’t need to? We make it easy to become a member and even easier to grow your business and reach existing and new customers.

Is klosebuy easy to use?

Extremely easy. You can create and activate your promos in a couple of minutes. Create your business’ promotions for the entire month in advance, quickly and easily, preserving your valuable time. Schedule your promos for automatic expiration or leave them ongoing with no specific end date and expire them manually when the time is right. We also include informative tutorial videos and information bubbles on each page, if needed.

Will klosebuy sell ad spaces?

No! No! No! Klosebuy is designed for businesses to promote their own offers and drive consumers to your stores. We do not sell ad space that inevitably would disrupt your message to your customers and potential consumers.

Can customers spend points for rewards from a business?

Absolutely. Merchants can create and have up to 3 loyalty rewards available for it’s customers at one time. If a customer has received enough points from the merchant to qualify for the redemption, the customer can redeem the reward through their mobile app at the merchant’s location. Once the merchant confirms the redemption on the customer’s smartphone, the customer’s points will be deducted automatically and a history of the redemption is available to both the customer and merchant.

Can customers spend points they received from one business on rewards from another business?

No. That would be unfair to both businesses. Klosebuy tracks the points received from each merchant, and so long as the customer has enough collected points available to use, they can redeem the points received for available rewards.

Can I offer “Points” as an award for a purchase or in-store visit?

Of course you can! Points are extremely popular with consumers. Instead of giving a 20% discount on a $100 item that ends up costing you $20, you can offer points. You determine how many points you would like to offer. Simply choose "points" as the value type when creating a new promo and the value you choose will be automatically awarded to customers when they use your promo.

Can I refer other businesses to klosebuy?

Absolutely! You can refer as many businesses to klosebuy as you wish. Click “my account” and enter the business’ information in the referral section. Klosebuy will give you one-month free on your subscription when your referred business becomes a paid klosebuy subscriber.