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Klosebuy makes it easy for you to bring the value of our cutting edge technology to your customers or members. Offer Klosebuy solely as a self-administered platform, or expand your service offering to also include the full-service management of Klosebuy for your business customers or members. With channel partner access, managing Klosebuy and tracking your earned revenue from both self-service and full-service businesses is easy.

co-branded registration site

Your relationship with your customers and members is special to you. It is to us as well! To market Klosebuy for self-service management, all your efforts will be directed toward your custom co-branded registration site where we highlight the continuity of your brand, and relationship. The subscribers generated through your site are forever linked to you - they are part of your revenue stream for a lifetime!

managed services

For those channel partners who wish to further increase their revenue, develop customer stickiness, and deliver the added benefit of a full service offering, Klosebuy provides special access for the administration of multiple users in various roles to service and manage thousands of business accounts effortlessly.

revenue & pricing

Let’s talk numbers! You earn a direct percentage of the revenue Klosebuy generates from your self-service subscriber base. This starts from the first penny they spend with Klosebuy and continues through every transaction on their account. When they renew their subscription, purchase more loyalty points or certificates, upgrade their account, or buy starter kits, you earn a share of that … for life.

When offering Klosebuy as a full-service option, you have the flexibility to set your own pricing packages for the service levels you wish to deliver to your customers or members. Fully manage Klosebuy at a price point that meets your needs, expectations, and service capabilities.

Want more? Refer other channel partners to Klosebuy and receive an added revenue share from their subscribers … for life. Every channel partner has multiple revenue paths with Klosebuy!

flexible pricing options

Klosebuy understands our channel partners have unique customers and members, and we developed our partner program to accommodate those needs. We have the flexibility to offer your self-service base a unique program with special pricing, trial period, loyalty point awards, starter kits, and more.

marketing materials

We save you the time and hassle of building a marketing campaign from scratch. Klosebuy offers co-brandable marketing materials and collateral for our channel partners to easily communicate the value and features of Klosebuy - ready to use co-brandable emails, half-page flyers, welcome letters, window decals, and more.

dedicated expertise

The Klosebuy team works closely with you every step of the way. Your team will have a dedicated representative at Klosebuy who will help you promote, manage and expedite the sign up of your subscribers. Answers to your questions are just an email or phone call away. Our team is here for you!

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