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digital advertising

Klosebuy gives you the tools to customize professional advertisements in minutes.

Use our library of over 10,000 images or upload your own. Sample advertisements and a tutorial video are available to get you started.

loyalty program

Award klosebuy points so customers can redeem them for rewards from your business or through the klosebuy catalog.

Use points in your advertisements instead of discounts. Customers are automatically added to your database when entering their certificate code.

push notifications

Reaching your customers has never been easier. Push messages directly to your customers.

Schedule messages to all customers, new customers, or those who have not clicked on your advertisements recently.

customer data

Klosebuy creates a customer database for you with detailed, easy-to-use analytics.

See who your customers are and how often they are viewing, saving, and sharing socially your advertisements.

reports & analytics

See in real time how your advertisements are performing and what attracts your customers.

Know instantly whether your advertisements are engaging consumers, and change them as often as you wish.

automated emails

Klosebuy sends custom emails featuring your digital promotions directly to your customers.

Select the advertisement your customers will see in the email delivered twice each month.

web & social

Understand how your business and digital advertisements are shared on social media.

See in real-time how often your advertisements are being shared on social media by members and customers.

easy to find

Get discovered! We make it easy for consumers to find your business on the map.

Your business shows on the mobile app to members when they are near your location.

features & benefits

The moment you subscribe, your business is searchable by consumers using both the web and mobile app, and you can begin creating your own digital advertisements right away. Tell your existing customers to join klosebuy so they can view your advertisements and share them socially. Klosebuy will reward your customers for joining and following your business.

give & get some points

With our optional loyalty program, award your customers with points redeemable for both rewards from your business and from klosebuy’s online catalog of over 7,000 items. Try awarding 50 points for each store visit, giving 100 points for every $50 spent, or automatically recognize customer birthdays with a gift of points. You decide how points benefit your business and whether you wish to fulfill the loyalty rewards. With klosebuy's online catalog, we do the work so you don’t have to!

loyalty points video

keep track with the app

Your business is seen immediately on mobile devices! Consumers find your business, view your advertisements, redeem your rewards, and save and share them socially - all through the app.

mobile app video

create advertisements

Create unlimited digital offers, discounts, coupons, advertisements or general event information, and deliver them instantly to your customers and klosebuy members. Within minutes, create multiple advertisements for today or schedule them to be activated anytime in the future.

create a promo video

create loyalty rewards

Create custom loyalty rewards that will keep your customers returning time and time again. Let them spend the points they earn from you in exchange for products, services, discounts, and other unique offers from your business. Customers use the mobile app to select their reward, spend their points, and record their redemption.

create loyalty rewards video

customer data

View live data when your advertisements are being clicked, saved, and shared on social media. Klosebuy also creates a customer database for you with detailed, easy-to-use analytics.


With push notifications, communicate directly with your customers who are using the mobile app. Klosebuy will also send automated emails to your customers with select advertisements of your choosing. Reaching your customers has never been easier.

push notifications video

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