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The moment you subscribe, our location based technology geolocates your business and is searchable by consumers using both the web and mobile app. You can begin creating your own digital advertisements & loyalty rewards right away. Tell your existing customers you are a klosebuy business and they can view your exclusive advertisements and rewards. Klosebuy will reward your customers for joining and following your business.


proven results achieved by klosebuy businesses

79% promo usage rate

percentage of customers who are using digital promotions

13.1 hours to first spend

average time from customer acquisition to first promo usage

4.8monthly transactions / customer

average monthly digital promo usages per customer

34% customer growth

average month-over-month growth of customer database

klosebuy blog latest posts

July 9, 2024
Boosting Customer Acquisition: Klosebuy’s Winning Formula for Small Business Growth

In an era dominated by technological advancements tailored for corporate giants, Klosebuy offers small businesses the tools they need to retain and acquire customers. Imagine the reward of having customers visit your store or restaurant repeatedly, driven by your effective digital marketing efforts. With a strategic vision and unwavering commitment, Klosebuy’s digital solutions platform is ... read more

June 25, 2024
Harnessing Digital Tools for Small Business Success: Klosebuy’s Strategic Vision

Women in warehouse on computerIn our previous article, we explored small businesses’ profound impact on local communities, especially when empowered by Klosebuy. This article dives deeper into the strategic vision behind Klosebuy and how its innovative digital tools are transforming the landscape for small business success. Strategic Digital Transformation for Small Businesses In a rapidly evolving digital world, small ... read more

June 18, 2024
The Impact Small Businesses Have on Local Communities: Empowered by Klosebuy

People shopping on crowded street downtown.Small businesses are the lifeblood in vibrant local communities that keep our cities thriving. They offer so much more than products and services—they create jobs, foster connections, and bring unique character to our neighborhoods. At Klosebuy, we are passionate and committed to  supporting small businesses. Our mission is to empower these vital enterprises with the tools ... read more

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Your business is seen immediately on mobile devices! Consumers find your business, view your advertisements, redeem your rewards, and save and share them socially - all through the app.

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increase sales & store visits
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digital advertising

Optimize your marketing budget. Instantly reach a large audience of consumers with custom advertisements.

Easily create, monitor, and edit your web and mobile promotions while keeping your content fresh

loyalty program

Boost customer engagement and retention with loyalty points

Award loyalty points for customers to redeem at your business

push notifications

Drive repeat business by delivering your messages, offers and promotions instantly to your customers' mobile phones.

Boost slow traffic with a Flash Sale! Everyone checks their phone when it buzzes!

customer data

Unlimited customer database. Know who your customers are and what inspires them.

See your customers' activity in detail - viewing, saving or sharing advertisements, and redeeming rewards

reports & analytics

See the growth of your business and the success of your advertisements in real time

Instantly adjust your advertisements and know what works for your audience

automated emails

Keep your brand fresh and your promotions top of mind

Klosebuy schedules promotional emails that keep your advertisements in front of consumers

web & social

Increase your business’ web presence and attract more attention to your brand

Your business and advertisements are easily shared across many social networks

easy to find

Get discovered! Acquire new customers when they find your business easily on Klosebuy.

More foot traffic! Your business is geolocated so your listing and advertisements appear automatically to local consumers.

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