klosebuy frequently asked questions


What is klosebuy?

A fun and easy-to-use mobile app where consumers can search for and support their favorite local businesses. You can view, save, and take advantage of promotions, coupons, deals, and event information right from your mobile phone. When you are ready to shop, simply check out our app, view the promotions from your klosebuy businesses, earn loyalty points from both klosebuy and your favorite merchants, and enjoy the rewards. You can redeem your loyalty points for available rewards from your favorite businesses and spend your klosebuy bonus points in the klosebuybonus online sweepstakes.

How do I become a member?

Joining is easy, simply download the Klosebuy app from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. Then follow the easy steps to create your account. You’ll be discovering great deals & earning rewards from your favorite local merchants in no time!

How does it work?

Check out our video

How do I find klosebuy merchants?

Type in the search bar keywords, locations, or the name of a business. A listing of matching companies will appear in a directory where you can click through to view their deals and profile information.

I got a new phone, do I lose my points/offers?

No. Simply re-download the app and sign in with your klosebuy username and password. Your points, favorite merchants, and deals will be waiting for you.

Is klosebuy free?

Absolutely, there is no cost to you.

How do I refer a friend?

Click on "my profile" from the web or mobile app and fill in the information for your friend in the referral section. When your friend joins, you and your friend will receive the bonus points automatically.

How do I refer a business?

Click on "my profile" from the web or mobile app and fill in the information on the business in the referral section. When the business joins with a paid subscription, you will automatically receive bonus points.

What kind of businesses use klosebuy?

Any type of business can use klosebuy. Whatever you are looking for: restaurants, pet stores, grocery stores, hair salons, car repairs, dry cleaners, restaurants, etc. Everything you need is klosebuy.

How do I choose my favorite klosebuy businesses?

When you search and find your favorite business, click the “add to favorites” button. That’s it. You just earned 25 bonus points. You can only favor each business once.

Why is klosebuy spelled with a K?

Our program is unique and so is our name. We think it’s cool.

Account Information

How do I change my email address associated with my account?

Please use the customer service email support form, fill in the necessary change information, and we will take care of that for you.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve a new one?

At the “sign in” screen, click “forgot password” and follow the instructions.

How do I unsubscribe/subscribe from emails and push notifications?

At the “favorites” page, you can control whether you wish to receive select promos and/or push notifications from each of your favorite businesses. We will only send you a total of 2 emails per month which will include select offers from your favorite businesses, provided you have elected to receive emails from them. That’s it!

How can I share merchants and deals through my social media sites?

Wherever you see the share symbol, just click and choose either Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, and you will be re-directed with the link from klosebuy.

Can I combine my account with a family member?

No. Each account is personal and cannot be combined.

How do I update my account information?

Click on "my profile" and you can update your profile information.


How do I get points?

Getting points is easy. You can earn points when joining klosebuy, favoring a business, from businesses directly, and for referring friends and businesses to klosebuy.

What can I do with my points?

You will earn loyalty points from your favorite businesses. If your favorite business has created loyalty reward offers, you can view them along with their deals. Spend your loyalty points directly from the mobile app when you are ready to redeem the loyalty reward in the presence of the merchant. Your loyalty points will be automatically deducted when collecting your reward.

You can earn klosebuy bonus points simply for being a klosebuy member and using the mobile app. If you wish to use your bonus points in our online sweepstakes, you can go to the sweepstakes from your point’s page on both the web and mobile app, and click “spend points”. We will conduct a sweepstakes periodically and you can enter as often as you wish so long as you have the bonus points needed to enter.

Can I spend the points I receive from one business on rewards from another business?

No. That would be unfair to your favorite businesses. Klosebuy tracks the points you receive from each business, and so long as you have enough collected points available to use, you can redeem your current balance of points received from your favorite business on their available rewards.

How do I redeem a points certificate from a business?

If you received a points certificate, go to your points page and type in your “one-time use” points certificate number into the space provided and click “add points”.

How do I see the bonus points I have earned?

A history of the bonus points you’ve received is available on your “points” page. You will find your "points" page under the profile tab on your mobile app.

Do I need to make a purchase to get points?

No. You will receive points from klosebuy for favoring businesses, referring other members or businesses, and for your birthday. Many klosebuy businesses will award points automatically on your birthday, may include points in their deals, or reward points for a variety of reasons.

How long does it take for points to show in my account?

They show instantly once awarded.

What if I lose my points certificate?

Each points certificate or redemption code can be issued only once and are not replaceable. Treat them like money. Point certificates and redemption codes are not replaceable and not refundable.

Do my points expire?

No, but the points certificates and redemption codes have an expiration date. Enter your point codes as soon as possible. Once your points are in your klosebuy account they do not expire so long as you are a member.

If I cancel my klosebuy membership do I lose my points?



How do I redeem a deal from my favorite klosebuy business?

Show the deal on your phone to your favorite business when you are ready. You can save all the deals you intend to use in the future by adding them to your “deals” page. Click on your “deals” when ready.


How do I redeem points for rewards?

If spending points for a loyalty reward from your favorite business: while at the business, select the loyalty reward from the mobile app that you qualify for, click the “redeem this reward” button, then have the merchant confirm your redemption right from your phone. That’s it. Your points will be deducted automatically and a history of the redemption is available to view.